Faculty Mentors

Each MARC Fellow is paired with a faculty mentor based on his/her research interests. The faculty mentor and fellow enter into a partnering agreement for the academic year in which they collectively create working guidelines to abide by for the undergraduate research project.
Norman Chiu – Bioanalytical Chemistry
Jasmine DeJesus – Psychology
Sandra Echeverria – Public Health
Kari Eddington – Psychology
Charles Egeland – Anthropology
Meghan Gangel – Psychology
Joseph Graves, Jr. – Nanoengineering
Zhenquan Jia – Biology
Bruce Kirchoff – Biology
John Kiss – Biology

Gabriela Livas Stein – Psychology

George Michel – Psychology
Nicholas Oberlies – Chemistry
Ayalew Osena – Biology
Yashomati Patel – Biology
Kimberly Petersen – Chemistry
Erin Reifsteck – Kinesiology
Joseph Santin – Biology

Tatsiana Shymanovich – Biology

Suzanne Vrshek-Schallhorn – Psychology
Chris Wahlheim –  Psychology

Laurie Wideman – Kinesiology