Faculty Mentors

Each MARC Fellow is paired with a faculty mentor based on his/her research interests. The faculty mentor and fellow enter into a partnering agreement for the academic year in which they collectively create working guidelines to abide by for the undergraduate research project. Below are the responsibilities of MARC faculty mentors.

The faculty mentor will:
1. Sponsor and provide for basic research skills development;
2. Assist the fellow in developing and executing an undergraduate research project;
3. Participate in a training/retreat workshop (held at the beginning of each academic year) concerning the best practices in mentoring underrepresentedĀ  students;
4. Develop fellows through sharing of experiences, review of literature, and engagement in research during their junior and senior years;
5. Assist in the development of an Individual Development Plan for the MARC fellow;
6. Ensure and document that their fellow (mentee) is adequately trained and supervised
7. Participate in grant evaluation processes with UNCG MARC program administrators (may include surveys, feedback on program and areas for growth, and other mechanisms);
8. Acknowledge that failure to comply with requirements 1-7 may result in the fellow being reassigned to a new faculty mentor.


MARC U-STAR Faculty Mentors

Charles Egeland – Anthropology Department

Erin Reifsteck – Kinesiology Department

Gabriela Livas Stein – Psychology Department

Laurie Wideman – Kinesiology Department

Meghan Gangel – Psychology Department

Suzanne Vrshek-Schallhorn – Psychology Department

John Kiss – Biology Department

Tatsisna Shymanovich – Biology DepartmentĀ 

George Michel – Psychology Department

Bruce Kirchoff – Biology DepartmentĀ